Weekly Round-Up #6

This week has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Its been one that we said goodbye to play school and hello to the prospect of going to big school..

Sunday we went to my nephews birthday party. It was such a lovely day. Although the sun didn’t shine the children still managed to have a dip in the paddling pool! I Managed to prepare everything for school in the morning so when I returned home I chilled on the sofa and blogged a little {after finishing off the housework!}

Today was H last ever Monday at play school.. This was the start of H’s last ever week attending and I was little upset! We have a little routine, of dropping Moo at school and the popping around a friends house before play school opens for tea and toast. It was an end of an era as this was the last time we were doing it! Once H was dropped off, I went home and relaxed and made the most of my three hours, with the six weeks fast approaching I intend to take full advantage this week!

Tuesday saw me drop H and Moo off and then dash to the shops. Leaving presents were starting to stress me out and I needed to find presents for H’s teachers. Stressful stuff! I picked H up and we went home for some lunch. We then played all afternoon. The Mr was on late so a chilled out evening and lasagne for dinner!

Another trip out to find gifts for the teachers on Wednesday didn’t go to plan. H was in tow and he was a little restless. I really did find the whole process stressful. H wanted everything in sight and I was loosing the will to live. I managed to buy a gorgeous fuchsia plant and some chocolates and wine {lucky teacher!} I wanted something that would be a keepsake rather than just something that would be only used the once {the wine!} H went to play school and I went home and did some chores!

Thursday was H’s last session at play school and although I didn’t think about it at the time once the evening came I was a little upset. The Mr was off so we did the weekly shop together {more hassle than its worth I can tell you!} I decided to make a curry and I prepared it all and popped it in the slow cooker, only to realise at 7pm I didn’t turn it on! Major chef fail!!

A day spent at the park! Friday was H’s leaving ceremony and the tears flowed! Moo wanted to go to the park after school so I left H with daddy and I took her there for an hour. I needed to be back as I had physio on my shoulder. An evening in the garden with the log burner going was the highlight of the day!

Saturday was a lazy day, I filled the paddling pool up, blew up the inflatables and we spent the day in the garden. Mr B needed to replace the step and do a few other jobs in the garden. It was a lovely day and the sun shone of it!


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