Weekly Round-Up #5

What a week! Its been so busy. Birthdays, school inductions and leavers meetings!

So without too much waffling, here is our fifth instalment of the #weeklyroundup

We went to the in-laws on Sunday and it was actually my birthday too! I turned 32 and I feel really odd about it! We had a wonderful dinner of roast lamb and some very scrumptious profiteroles for dessert! I received lots of goodies and was compiling a list of what to get! I managed to get all things school related ready in the morning, so when we returned home I just put my feet up and relaxed!

Monday saw us drop the children off to their designated schools and the Mr and I went shopping. We had to buy a few birthday presents for nephews and friends, so we spent most of the morning in toy shops! We went to B&Q to get some varnish for my new sign for the garden. We picked H up and quickly drove to the garden centre so I could buy some plants for my new crate too! Moo went swimming and she finally swam from the deep end to the shallow, its taken some time and after her melt down last week I didn’t think it would ever happen! I returned to find Mr B had put up my new “Hogwarts” sign in the garden!

The Mr went back to work Tuesday and I went to my sisters once I had completed the school run. I had ordered a new Filofax online so I wanted to buy a few bits from Hobbycraft and had to pop to Smiths to get a school year insert for the diary. We may have had a cheeky hash brown from McDonalds! My new shoes arrived in the post! Yay… Moo had a complete meltdown when she got home from school, which resulted in us putting her to bed early!

I was all over the place on Wednesday. I dropped Moo at school and came home with H. He then went to play school for lunch, I came home. My filofax arrived so I started to organise that. I went to pick H up and then Moo. We came home and had an early dinner as Moo had her disco. Mr B returned home, I left for the disco with Moo. I stayed and helped. It was quite manic! Loads of children, but a lot of fun! I dropped Moo back home and Mr B did the bedtime routine whilst I drove back into ┬áto H’s play school for his transition evening! Que the tears! Its so upsetting he is leaving and going to school!

Thursday H had his last induction at school. He sat in assembly {looking rather lost!} and I sat at the back {looking rather sad} He went off really well and had a blast apparently! I joined him for lunch and had a taster of the school dinners {Yum!} We left once dinnertime was over. Mr B was home due to us having some electrical work doing. I went and picked Moo up and had a parents evening which was really informal. I got to look through her work and meet her new teacher! Her current teacher is leaving the school which is really upsetting as she is lovely, and I would of loved H to have had her. We spent the rest of the afternoon doing our weekly shop. Early night for the children as they seemed really tired!

Fri-yay.. I love Fridays, last day of the week and its literally a slob day. I wasn’t feeling 100% so I ended up having a cheeky nap with H.. I left early to pick Moo up and took H to the park. The fresh air did me good! Moo finished school later as she was in an after school session. I ended up taking her to the park after too. The weather was lovely and why waste it? H went to bed with an extreme high temperature, just hoping it wouldn’t transpire in t anything ghastly!

Was woken early Saturday, H had, had a little accident and didn’t quite make it to the toilet. He went back to bed but Moo was wide awake! Later we went to a friends party from Moo’s class. I left Moo there but, returned a little later and had a mingle with some of the mums and relaxed while Moo played. It was so lovely! A cheeky McDonalds tea and a late night was had! H was still suffering with a temperature.


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