Weekly Round-Up #4

A week of illness and hot weather! Its been a busy week school wise and the weather has been totally on our side…

So without too much waffling, here is our third instalment of the #weeklyroundup

Sunday saw us visiting the in-laws and it also saw us celebrate fathers day. Moo had bought something for Mr B at the fathers day sale and had also made him a card. H had decorated a biscuit at play school, but by the time it had come to give to daddy, it had become a tad stale! The weather was a little dull but that didn’t stop us sitting in the summer house all afternoon at nanny and granddads.

Back to our normal schedules. Monday saw the start of 3 long days for Mr B {it results in 6 days off so not too much complaining here!} I came home and did some housework and got on top of all the washing. I had to wait in for an electrician who actually didn’t show in the allocated time slot. Once H was home we chilled on the sofa together. We picked Moo up and the electrician was waiting on the driveway. I had to send him packing due to taking Moo to swimming! So frustrating.. Moo has improved so much with her swimming and I get so much joy out of watching her.

Tuesday saw me drop both Moo and H off. At 11:30 I got a call from the school to say Moo was not well and could I bring some medicine for her. I quickly made a telephone call to a friend in the village and managed to get hold of some. It saved me going all the way home to pick some up. Once home me and H both had lunch and I pottered around the house. I later received a call to pick Moo up as she had not improved. I decided to book an appointment at the doctors as she was in quite a bit of discomfort. Luckily nothing to serious and was sent home with the diagnosis of a viral infection! An early night was needed for all!

I was not looking forward to today. Wednesday saw us travel over the M25 and across the bridge. I was nervous as the tolls have been taken done and although I had pre-paid I was anxious about the payment. We all had an appointment due to our car accident so it was a must we went. Luckily I found the place ok and was back home by 9.30am! I still had Moo off and I needed to change some clothes I had bought her, so a quick dash to M&S and a swap over over some shorts. We had to take H to play school and once I arrived I realised I forgot his lunch, so a quick dash home to retrieve it was needed. On the way home I stopped off at the chippy for some lunch! Mr B finished early {for once} and the weather was nice enough to sit in the garden till bedtime!

Thursday was a manic day. I had an appointment with H’s new teacher and then I watched Moo in a RE performance at school. Later we had a picnic at the school and that lead to the school summer fete! It was a long day {in the sun} which meant I was rather crispy when I got home. A McDonalds tea was needed!

After yesterdays long day Friday was a much more chilled affair. with both children at school and play school, Mr B and I took our cat Lily to the vet and then once back we went shopping. I picked H up and returned home to the paddling pool. It was hot so H enjoyed playing in it until Moo came home. We spent the evening in the garden which was lovely!

With nothing planned today, Saturday saw us out in the garden… All Day. It was so nice. Moo and H spent the day in the pool and the Mr and I watched. The Mr may of fell asleep and I may off topped up my tan!


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  1. June 28, 2015 / 4:23 pm

    Oh gosh you’ve certainly had your hands full this week. I hope Moo is on the mend now, bless her!xx

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