Weekly Round-Up… #3

This week has been a tiresome week. Tiredness from last weekend has caught up on me and and I have been battling with a stroppy 6 year old. Other than the tiredness, its been quite a chilled week, with nothing out the blue happening..

So without too much waffling, here is our third instalment of the #weeklyroundup

Sunday saw Mr B working and with only roughly 3 hours sleep I was tired. I walked around like a zombie for most of the day, H woke at 10 and although he was better, he was still very wheezy and drained. He had another full on siesta after lunch! Nanny and Granddad popped in with a few more cards and we had an easy peasy dinner.

With Moo and H having a decent nights sleep, Monday was a little hectic. I slept through the alarm {it actually didn’t go off!!} and it was a mad rush in the morning to open up presents! H turned four and he was so excited! We all had cake for breakfast and we had a mad dash to school. Once we was back home, I collapsed on the sofa and did nothing! I was still pretty tired from the weekends events. Moo was picked up at 3:15 and we came home and got ready for swimming. As it was H’s birthday we had McDonalds tea. Moo was in desperate need of new clothes so we had a little spend up too!

Tuesday morning was a little calmer and with both littles of in there respective places we popped to the shops and did a quick shop of household goods. We also had to pick Moo up another set of trousers and a few more tops as we ran out of time on Monday. I had to be back at the school for 11:00 as Moo had an eye appointment, which went really well and resulted us being discharged from the hospital! Yippeee! After lunch we took H out to spend his birthday money, it was a lot harder than we thought! He wanted everything he saw!! A late afternoon in the garden was had, the weather was gorgeous. I had to pop out for physio, which is never a nice thing!

H was not at play school on Wednesday. He was in fact at his second induction for big school. He was feeling this session and would not actually let me go. Unfortunately he wouldn’t get involved and stayed by my side the whole time! We were there till school pick up, so we collected Moo and went and spent the afternoon in the garden. My mum and her husband came over so it was nice to entertain them.

Thursday was quite a chilled day. Both Moo and H went to school and play school. I shot to my sisters in the morning and went shopping with her. We had a crafty hot sausage roll from Gregg’s! I picked H up and we had an impromptu visit to a friends for the afternoon¬†till we had to pick Moo up. Mr B wanted us to try shopping elsewhere, so once he was home we went food shopping and managed to save a whole ¬£48!

Moo was on a school trip on Friday, so I dropped her off and waved her goodbye from the coach. H went to play school and I went home and tidied up. Cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen, changed the beds and hoovered, it took me most of the day! Moo sneakily went to after school club so I had to go and hang out at the park with H and a few friends till I was able to pick her up! A dinner of sausages and chips was had for tea.

Saturday we didn’t really do anything. I had to wait in for my sister to collect my camera as she needed it for a wedding. Mr B was working so I decided to stay in. The kids played in the garden for most of the day which was nice. Once the they were both in bed, me and Mr B bought a sky movies and had a little date night in front of the TV!


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