Weekly Round-Up… #2

This week has flown by! It does not feel like Sunday to be honest. We had a pretty horrendous night with H which led to us calling for an ambulance. I am so tired and could quite happily close my eyes and nod off, but parenting duties are a must and with Mr B at work I am thankful that I am home with my gorgeous two.

So here is a round up of this weeks events!

Last Sunday was a very chilled day. We were supposed to go and visit the grandparents, but due to granddad being poorly we stayed at home. We literally did nothing. Pottered around in the garden and generally chilled.

On Monday both Moo and H were back to school. It was a busy day. I visited my sister in the morning and once I picked H up we headed back to school for their monthly PTA meeting. I really want to get involved in the schools fund raising and once H attends school I will find it so much easier! Moo was at swimming in the evening and she tried really well with the breast stroke!

Tuesday I had to pop out and buy supplies for non-uniform day.. Instead of donating money the idea to donate for the summer fete was suggested. Moo had to donate candles. After school we came home, read and did some words for homework.

On Wednesday Mr B was off so we had to pop out and get two new tyres on the car. We then dropped H off at play school and ran a few more errands. We had to order meat from the butchers and then finish up present buying for H’s birthday. Moo was at after school club and because Mr B was off he went and surpassed Moo by picking her up.

Moo and H were packed off to school on Thursday, and Mr B and I sat in the garden! It was such a lovely morning weather wise. I went and picked H up and we all had lunch together. Moo was out at 3:15 and as the weather was so nice I made an impromptu stop at the park on the way home.

Friday I had a day up town with my bestie. Due to work commitments and busy schedules this was our only chance to meet before my birthday {which is still a few weeks away yet!} We decided to go to lunch at Gauchos and then on to the cinema. Gauchos was amazing, I had such a lovely meal. We filled ourselves with a fair amount of popcorn whilst watching Jurassic World, I was so full after I skipped dinner!

Moo and H were looking forward to today, as Saturday meant the family get together for H’s birthday. We decided on a BBQ and I had been weather spotting all week and typically it was miserable all day, but the sun did come out towards the end and it turned out quite warm. Unfortunately as I said at the beginning, H was taken into hospital.. Once everyone had left and we had put the children to bed it went a bit crazy. H woke after a couple of hours sleep and was really struggling with his breathing, I quickly called for help and although it was really very scary, H was ok. Was not nice, but we were back home in the early hours of Sunday morning and we slobbed all day!


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