– Weekly Round-Up #14 –

This week has been a good week. Moo and H are one week away from half term and its starting to show. Its been a long few weeks and I am just as excited about not having to be stuck with a  routine! Here is what we got up too..

Sunday we went to the in-laws for lunch. Roast Beef which was amazing and a very delicious dessert of homemade sticky toffee pudding. My mother in law makes the best desserts! Moo ate far to much and ended up with a sore belly that evening. Once we got home, I came over with quite a bad headache, so I went for a lay down. Mr B sat and watched Hotel Transylvania with Moo and H. I woke about six and made tea. Still feeling a bit poorly. I made sure I had an early night.

I had plans to visit my sister on Monday. We went shopping together which was lovely. She wanted to buy some supplies for her little business she has going and I needed to get some bits for Moo’s homework. I went back to hers and had my second mince pie of the year! {very yummy indeed}.. I also tried to contact my nurse about my results, which didn’t end to well as I couldn’t get in touch with anybody! My anxiety levels were pretty high. Moo was at swimming Monday evening and she managed to swim a whole width on her own without stopping. Proud Mummy..

Tuesday I spent the day cleaning. I need to get myself into a routine where I have a specific cleaning day in the week. I am still working my way towards that! Unfortunately I got a call from the hospital asking to go in on Thursday this week. I managed to catch up with a few bits on my planner before the school run. In the evening I went to the school PTA meeting, I like to help out when I can!

After the school run on Wednesday I popped to the shops. I had a friend {Moo’s God-Parent} over for lunch so wanted to buy some nice cakes. It was so lovely to catch up with her! We picked the kids up and returned home. Moo read to her which was lovely to hear. We tend to go for moths without seeing each other but we have promised to meet up before christmas! Once Moo and H were in bed Mr B and I caught up on The Walking Dead! By far my favourite programme on TV at the moment!

Thursday was result day. I had a whole day to get through and surprisingly it went really quick. I had to take part in a safety walk around the village with H, which was a little tedious and by the end of it H was getting bored, but it was interesting and gave out lots of facts! My in-laws came over to look after Moo and H and Mr B was able to get home on time to come with me. I was a nervous wreck and was so worried. Thankfully it was all good news and I am cancer free! I will still have to have 3 monthly check-ups but thats part and parcel with the diagnosis. We celebrated with a cheeky McDonalds on the way home!

Moo had her school assembly on Friday and she was so good. All week she has come home and7 told me about bear she was making. Sewing it together. Her classroom assistant grabbed me before the assembly started and she said how Moo had really taken to the project and did everything herself {apart from stuffing and closing the bear} I was so proud of her! She even bought the bear home after school! We had a lazy afternoon watching TV and chilling ready for the weekend!

Saturday I had to take Moo to the optician to pick up her new glasses. She really does rock them. Slightly bigger frame from what she is used to, but they really suit her. We decided to pop into M&S for some lunch bits too. Mr B and H had a hair dressers appointment after lunch and then Mr B decided to pop to Ikea and buy some blinds for the upstairs windows. The curtains in the bedrooms were on their last legs so we decided to update our bedroom and the kids bedroom. I made a curry for dinner and we relaxed in front of Strictly!


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