Weekend To-Do’s

afterlightWith Moo being at school this week, I feel like we should do something special. I am not sure what yet, so we shall see what the weekend brings! To be honest we don’t have anything set in stone this weekend. Nothing planned, other than a birthday party to attend to saturday and on Sunday we are staying at home for our traditional roast lunch. We may follow that with a trip to the park or the woods.

There is a local show going on, on Saturday, we may be one of the late entries to it. It gets rather busy, but they have lots of things for the children to do and lots of displays and tents full of stalls to browse around. They also have a firework display at the end of the night, so even if we do not attend the show, we may walk over and watch the display from the park.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, whatever you have planned!

Mummy Hearts You


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