Time To Say Goodbye… One Day #3

Last week we saw ourselves over at our local village park for Moo’s leaving ceremony. It was such a hot day so the play group had suggested a picnic in the park.

We pick our spot and Moo was off. I had already given out the teachers leaving presents that during the week as I thought it would be pretty busy doing it on actual “leavers day” and I guessed right! The whole event didn’t really effect Moo, I on the other hand blubbed like a baby. Moo really connected with 2 teachers, 1 in particular and it really upset me that she would never see her again. The very first day she came home from play school she mentioned 2 names, one is her best friend and the other was the teachers name. She never left her side for the 3 years she was there.

Games played and reports given out, it was time to say our goodbyes. Moo hugged everybody and it was time to leave. I wiped away the tears and as we walked back home Moo said

On Monday when I go to play school…. 

I had to explain she was never to return, it was time she went to big school, she had more learning to do and maybe one day she would see the teachers again. It was now time for her to learn new things and attend a new school.

I am quite certain Moo has forgotten about this day already, about the meaning of the day. If I asked her she would just say I played at the park and I said goodbye to everyone. Its not a day I shall forget anytime soon. I shall remember this day for a long time.

This One Day stands out, its the day my little girl finished play school, ended a part of a start in life. Come September the real work starts!

So what one day has stood out for you recently? I would love to know! Link up below..

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