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Over the past few years Moo and H’s relationship has been a little temper-mental shall we say. Moo always throws the “I want a sister card” at me and now H is throwing the “I want a brother” card! {If only!!}

But I have noticed a huge change in them both over the last few months and its something I am loving watching. Moo has become more gentle with H and more accepting of his cuddles and kisses. I am not sure if its because I have drummed into Moo that H will be starting school and its important that she looks after him at playtime, or if its because they have become to understand each other in a way that I won’t. That sisterly/brotherly bond.

They still share a room, even though they could sleep separate, but I think its a comfort thing. They talk and giggle at bedtime {sometimes argue} which I adore hearing. They wake together and stumble sleepy eyed down the stairs and sit in front of the TV snuggled on the sofa under one blanket, holding hands or cuddling. Its something I didn’t see coming and its hit me hard. Don’t get me wrong, its lovely to see, its just come out of the blue within the last few months.

They still have there little arguments, silly, petty gripes about who can play with what. Moo can be horrible to H and vice  versa, but within a nano second they are back being a pair.

H dotes on Moo, and sometimes she really doesn’t get it. H adores her and is always so excited to pick her up from school. ¬† He does what she does and wants to be like her, like the big girl she is. If she does something H wants to do it too, no matter how hard, or simple, and if Moo is in the mood, nine times out of ten she will help him. She is currently setting him up for school helping him with his numbers, letters and colours, trying her best to help him perfect them.

I am so worried about H starting school in September but all I know is, if these two carry on with the way they have been, there bond will only be stronger and I know both will be just fine.. She will have him, and he will have her..



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