Every month I have decided to pop up a post all about my two. It only seems fitting considering this is a parenting blog. It’s rare that I blog about G and H specifically. I blog about how hard I find parenting and the struggles that come along with it, but not individually on how they are doing. I used to do updates every few months on how each were doing but I’ve decided to do it slightly different with how I go about the blog post. Monthly posts I feel will work better, and it’s a prompt for me to take more photos. Which is what I am lacking lately!

This past month has been hard. I won’t lie, I’ve been at breaking point during some parts. I’m not sure if its because the new school term started and after having a really lazy six weeks off, they have been hit with tiredness. I have screamed and shouted more times I can count and as a parent I have been tested.

I won’t say its either one or the other because quite frankly both G and H are just as bad as one another. H copies G and G thinks she can get away with anything and everything. I am assuming its her age and she is having a huge hormonal burst. But they have not been all bad, and I we have had a lovely month of sibling bonds.


As a parent I worry about how both get on at school and even how their relationship pans out when I am not there. This month an incident happened at school where H was really upset, so upset he sought out his sister in the playground and sobbed into her shoulder. I was actually really upset about it. But G stood up to the big sister role and really looked after him. She made sure he was ok and took him inside to the dinner ladies. Apparently H said she really took care of him.

G has taken a huge confidence knock since being back at school and I worry so much. She thinks she is rubbish at everything, which she really isn’t. She is such a clever, funny, bright young girl. I mentioned last month that we would be returning to swimming, and this is where her confidence really lacks. She is such a good swimmer, she struggles though, determined that she is no good. We just need to give her that little boost. She is willing to give it her all though, which I can only ask for.

She is definitely showing signs of hormonal changes, which as a parent is pretty scary. Her moods are up and down and sometimes I really believe I am failing her. One minute we can be having a lovely conversation and tenth next she could be sulking in her room. I find it really hard dealing with her emotions and I think I need to take a step back and several deep breaths before I go in like a banshee at her!

H has fitted into year 2 really well. We had a few hiccups but unlike G, who flits between friends, H has a good circle of friends and a wonderful best friend who is so so similar to him. He really leans on him and I think its lovely that he has found someone he can rely on when I am not there. This year he has improved on so many levels already. I just need to push him that little bit more to do things. He can be quite lazy if he is left to his own devices!

I mention it every month but I have positive news this month about bedtimes! Since being back at school, both G and H have made no qualms about going to bed. We still have the odd night where they can play up but nine times out of ten they listen and go to bed. H still invades our bed maybe, 3 times a month. He struggles to over come his nightmares, so ends up taking comfort with us. I do secretly like it as he cuddles me tight which is lovely.

Apart form the bickering this month I have loved watching them grow. We have had quite a few moments where I have wanted to scream into a pillow but the good always weigh out the bad. They have been wonderful to watch this month and I could not be prouder of them both.


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