The Week That I Captured 7/52

I had a worry that when I was writing this up that I failed on taking photos, but surprisingly I did! It was a much better week of photo taking than last!


Today I went to a party with Moo which was held at a theatre.. I was helper and a few other girls from Moo’s class went to celebrate with her little friend. They were all so well behaved and really enjoyed the performance of Milkshake Live!

I checked my lotto ticket, hoping I had woken as a millionaire but was very doubtful when my lucky dip numbers were so appalling! #betterlucknexttime

Once Moo was safely dropped of at home, I headed straight to the hospital to see my nan who sadly suffered a stroke last week. She was much more with it than the first time I saw her 2 days after it happened, so I left feeling really upbeat.. I actually took a gorgeous picture of the sunset setting over London, you can just picture the shard!



Back to school and I was feeling a little sorry for my self, so I got home and wrapped myself in a blanket with a cup of tea! I even had a doze while H was at play school!

Moo lost another tooth and I found it rather cute she can poke her tongue through the gap!

Beef stew for dinner which was a huge hit with my mum and her husband!


I was really tired today and was suffering with a terrible headache. When H arrived home from play school he asked to go to bed! So we both snuggled down and had an afternoon siesta! I felt worse for it after and came to the conclusion that these pretty lilies were down to me feeling so bad..


I was feeling much brighter today. I popped out to see my sister and had a spot of lunch with her.

I helped out at the school disco as they were short of helpers.. I was pretty amazed at some of the dance moves being thrown about! Moo was quite happy dancing on her own!


H made me sit him on the side whilst I was cleaning the kitchen, we took some silly selfies.. Its amazing how quickly they catch onto these things!

I hid in the kitchen for a quick cup of tea in silence before the mayhem of dinner time started!


Last day of term!!! Its a good day.. I went to see Moo’s little production at school, did all my household chores and came straight home and got into our pjs! Bliss


I went to see my nan again, I also saw my dad who travelled down from up north.. Its great seeing them but would be so much better on nicer terms obviously!

Valentines day passed without any recognition.. we don’t celebrate it, its all a bit commercialised if you ask me!

PicMonkey Collage

A not so winning lotto ticket // feeling under the weather // missing teeth // beef stew dinner // sisterly selfie // H and mummy selfie // the reason for my headaches.. these gorgeous lilies! // cuppa in silence

I have linked up with Hannah over at Make Do and Push..

Please pop by and see what I have captured {I promise I will have captured something!} next week and if you want to join in the pop on over to Make Do and Push! and link up!



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