The Week That I Captured 19/52

Last week was bank holiday, and I had a busy weekend, which resulted in no blog typing, which led to no blog typing for the whole week! Sometimes I think its nice not to have to open the laptop up!

Anyhoo, without to much waffling this is what else we got up too!


We went to the husbands friends house for a BBQ.. The weather actually turned out really nice and although I sat indoors nattering away, the kids were able to go outside and bounce around on the bouncy castle! I took my Nutella Cheesecake as dessert which went down well!


We {or should I say the Mr} ripped out the side room ready for our new computer arriving. We always intended for it to be an office, just not so soon! Boredom is a killer! The Mr made a desk out of the worktop that was already in there.. He did a pretty good job!


Back to school today after the bank holiday weekend. The Mr still had a day off. We had nothing planned other than wait in for a delivery. Annoyingly it arrived late afternoon which was frustrating as we could of popped out for a coffee!

My mum and her husband came over for dinner too. They bought flowers!


I dropped off Moo and popped to the shops with H to run a few errands. Once H was at play school I went to see my sister. As it was her birthday the following day, I took cake! Always a winner..

Moo was at after school club so I picked up H and we had an hour spare, I was tempted to take him to the park, but it was raining! So dashed home for a cuppa and did some picnic shopping as I forgot earlier.


H was at a play school outing today due to the hall being used as a polling station. We went to the woods and made brooms, wands, and scary clay monsters! It was all in the name of a “room on a broom” experience! It was great fun, and thankfully the weather was lovely!

I am so pleased that its polling day too, as no more leader mail through the post!


I did nothing once I dropped Moo and H off. I went home and caught up on a weeks worth of Corrie. H came home and we slobbed on the sofa. As Moo was in after school club again, we left early to go to the park and as we pulled up it started to rain, typical! I ended up staying in the car and waiting for Moo to finish gymnastics!

I have been admiring my climber plant that is spreading oh-so-nicely over the back gate…

Once Moo and H were in bed, the Mr and I ducked into our fajitas with a bit of Keith Lemon


We had a lay in till 8am! Was so lovely and I woke feeling refreshed! I blogged most of the morning, whilst the Mr took the kiddies to Sainsburys. I was amazed at what they came back with, sweets, magazines, small toys! {I should of gone with them!!}

I caught up on all my boring household jobs too!

PicMonkey Collage

School runs are so much fun with these two // Waiting for pick-up // birthdays are much better with cake // broom flying // political crap mail // my gorgeous climber

I have linked up with Hannah over at Make Do and Push..

Please pop by and see what I have captured next week and if you want to join in the pop on over to Make Do and Push! and link up!


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