The Week That I Captured 11/52

Thankfully its been a less stressful week! Its all been rather chilled and although H is still on the mend, normal routines have taken place!

Anyhoo, without to much waffling this is what else we got up too!


I made the Easter Egg cake that has been doing the rounds and we all had a fairly good helping after Sunday dinner.. We decided to get out after lunch, so we put on out boots and went to the woods.. Was a chilly afternoon but so good to get out!


Everything was back to normal today. With the school run done I returned home and slobbed on the sofa till 12:30.. Terrible really! I picked up H and did some chores, prepared dinner, as my mum and her partner was coming over. Unfortunately I had a funny turn and came down pretty ill.. I suffer terribly with migraines and whilst Moo was swimming I came over funny, not 100% sure how I got home but I couldn’t eat my dinner I was so looking forward to! I was in bed by 6:45!


Mr B was off today so I dropped the kiddies off at school and play school and we had a few bits to do.. We bought Mothers Day gifts and spent the morning together just me and him and it was lovely!

We picked H up and spent the afternoon in the garden, I gave the shed a lick of paint and the Mr put in a path as the grass was becoming a little unloved where we kept walking over it!


Me and H went to visit my sister in the morning. She has started a little business up and she kindly made me some prints! I am slowly finding an inner interior designer in me and making small touches to the house..

Moo finished early today as we had to attend a eye appointment at the hospital! She did really well and hopefully next time after several years off being under them she will be discharged!

Not much else happened, we both went to pick H up which was nice as his reaction to Moo being there was lovely!


Was a dull day, I had a cheeky muffin on return from the school run.. My sister inlaw popped in which was nice as its not normally we get to spend time together without children being around!

I had parents evening after school and I am so proud of Moo! She is doing really well and had a glowing report.


Not much happened today, I didn’t need to pick Moo up from school as she was off to a friends house which meant I could chill with H..

I did catch up with The Great British Sewing Bee whilst a had a spare few hours.. I enjoyed it with toast!

I have been loving having daffodils in the house too, they bloomed this week and smell gorgeous!


We spent the day in the garden today! I love having my own garden and to think that this time last year we didn’t have one is just insane! We have prepped the borders for plants and I have added some string solar powered pom pom lights! I am so excited for summer!

PicMonkey Collage

Cream Egg Cheesecake! // Woodland Walks // New Prints // Eye Appointments // Cheeky Muffin // Great TV and Toast // Fresh Flowers at There Best // Garden Love

I have linked up with Hannah over at Make Do and Push..

Please pop by and see what I have captured next week and if you want to join in the pop on over to Make Do and Push! and link up!



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  1. March 16, 2015 / 11:10 am

    Yay, I love daffodils – always bring a smile to my face.


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. March 20, 2015 / 10:08 am

    I have serious garden envy, we have one but due to monster trees the grass is usually a patch of mud covered in twigs and leaves! #TWTWC

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