The School Application Post…

Today was the day we heard about our primary school application.. It was a day I had been dreading from the moment I pressed send on the application all those months ago…

Moo had no problem getting into the school. We lived in the village and the only thing that was going to knock us back was the fact we didn’t go to church. I had such a wonderful feeling about the school and I came away thinking, thats the school I want my children to go too. Thankfully Moo was accepted and I didn’t need to worry about applying again for another two years.

Just before the application process opened up we moved out of the village which meant the school was no longer in our catchment area. I have been holding  a heavy weight on my shoulders for so many months now its been tiresome. I have worried and stressed about, IF.. If H didn’t get in what would I do? I couldn’t be in two places at once and the thought of having to make the school mornings any more hectic than they were, were just not good! I toyed with the idea of taking Moo out, but that was just never going to be a final option. I would never want to break her away from friends she loves and I would not want to be blamed for it. I knew as a mother that this was the best school for Moo and she had to stay there.

I applied for the school, and also put our local catchment school as second choice. Its a school I had not visited, Its a school I just had word of mouth to rely on, its a school that is literally at the end of the road. I was secretly hoping and praying that they would not take that into account and take the fact that his sister was in another school 3 miles away.

As I logged on at 12:05 I was shaking, it all came down to those 2 words “place offered” I was logging on, on my phone and couldn’t quite work it all out, I couldn’t see the words and I was fumbling in the darkness to try and refresh.. By 12:20 I still didn’t know, so I decided I would see better on the laptop and loaded it up.. Again, nothing was happening and I started to panic that I had made a mistake and not actually sent the application of correctly, one more refresh and I saw the words I had been hoping for, on my first choice. I went back to bed and cuddled into Mr B and cried, I cried with relief that the last six months have held over me, the stress and worry just flooded out.

I will now not have to worry about H, will be with his sister, I won’t have to worry about splitting myself up in two at two different schools, rushing around and panicking about who to pick up first.

This has been an awful few months. When we decided to move, we thought long and hard about whether to stay where we were until we had done the whole school application process, but its all fallen into place. We could never have coped much longer in our previous property and we made the right decision in moving.

At the end of the day, its all fallen into place and I as a parent couldn’t be any happier with the outcome. I know my children are having the best start in the education system, in the school that I think is perfect for them..


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