The Photo-less Week That I didn't Capture.. {again!}

Happy Sunday! I shamefully didn’t take any photos {again} this week, I know, I know, i am slacking! But I do have a reason! I was without a phone for the best part of two days and its been half term and Ive just been busy with the kiddies!

Anyhoo, without to much waffling this is what else we got up too!


We went to the in-laws for lunch today. I love Sundays and it felt even better that I didn’t have to run around when I got back sorting uniforms out!


I had a few errands to run today and I was on edge as I had to take the children with me.. I find I get more stressed when I have them in tow, but they were generally really well behaved! I got to the shopping centre for when it opened and was in out out within 40 minutes!

We arrived home and chilled for the rest of the day, it was nice not to have to do anything!

I made a call to EE to upgrade my phone and it was signed, sealed and being delivered tomorrow..


Today was my nephews 1st birthday so we had a soft play date with him. Unfortunately we were not there long as Moo took an injury to her foot, so I had to take her to A&E.. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as I though {broken ankle!!} it was just ligament damage..

My phone, didn’t turn up! I was not happy!! I called EE back and there had been a mix up so I had to wait in for another delivery  on Wednesday! How frustrating!


My sister and her two boys came over for dinner, and my phone arrived! Yippee…

I cooked a picky/party food dinner as its was so simple with 4 children! The hubby was so late home from work my sister ended up staying later than expected!


Moo’s friends came over for lunch, its was such a lovely afternoon and was great to have a good ole natter with the mums.. I hid a few eggs in the garden which kept them all entertained for the afternoon!

Mr B arrived home at 6 and was in holiday mode! 5 days off was a happy welcome..


We were up early today as I needed to get to the shops to buy my lamb for my dinner party.. On the way home we realised we actually didn’t have enough cutlery to go round so we had to turn around and buy some more!  We were back by 9am! {I did say we were out early!}

I cooked a lovely roast lamb for dinner, it was lovely having my sister in law and her family over..


Was a lazy morning today, after lasts nights dinner party I was feeling rather tired, so stayed in my pjs till gone 1pm! I would of stayed in them all day but we were off out for an easter curry at my other sister in laws..

Tonight was great and was so good to catch up with all the hubbies family.. Its not often we all get together, so when we do its lovely!

Again, no pictures this week! I have really slacked haven’t I? {Its becoming a bit of a habit!} Promise to take more next week!!

I have linked up with Hannah over at Make Do and Push..

Please pop by and see what I have captured next week and if you want to join in the pop on over to Make Do and Push! and link up!


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