{The Not so} Fitness Mission…

so I wrote my post a few weeks ago about my fitness mission and how I wanted to get fit. I stated running and loved it. I was able to distress from any worries and it made me feel good about myself.

I was so shocked when on day 4 I managed to run a mile! before I even started I could barely speed walk to the village shop without getting a stitch! But I was elated and fist pumped the air to congratulate myself! I have to admit, I was knackered after that run {it was just over a mile in the end} and I decided that I had done well, and took a days rest. I got back out but barely managed the mile. Feeling so let down and angry with myself that I took the rest, I kept it up for a few more days, reaching that one mile target.

By day 7 I was beginning to have problems. My knees seemed to have just given up. So I decided to walk instead. Walking 3 miles every other night was great and it made me clear my head and breathe in the fresh air! I and a walking partner so it was good to be able to talk to someone whilst doing it.

Another mum from the school joined in and on Wednesday we pushed ourselves so hard and managed one mile in 46.31 seconds. it was a record for us, but I was secretly crying inside. I literally pulled myself up the stairs and collapsed on the sofa. My knees were not taking to this fitness stuff anymore! I hobbled to bed and the pain kept me awake.

I woke still in pain and limped my way round to the school! {How embarrassing!!} I then got home and booked an appointment for the doctors. I knew what the pain was I just needed to a doctor to back up my fears…

An hour of waiting in the surgery in agony I finally got some strong pain killers {I had already stocked up on deep heat and knee supports!}

When I was younger I suffered with Juvenile Arthritis, I coped with it and it eased up. Only having problems really in the winter, but it was nothing like this! I have a blood test form, my knees “feel warm” what ever that means! and the best way to describe how it feels, is, It feels like my knee caps are sitting on the back of my knee with no support. My knees feel heavy and just generally not right.

I dosed myself up when I got in and with half an hour I was pain free!! Yay… I did over do the deep heat, and it felt like my knees were burning!

I am hoping by next week I will be feeling better and the lovely Katrina over at Cool Bananas gave me the tip of swimming, which I had completey forgotten about! So I shall be doing that to ease me back into it!


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  1. Alice
    May 2, 2014 / 2:49 pm

    Also you dont actually burn many more calories running than walking!! Most calorie burn equations use distance travelled and mass (your weight!)… heart rate has a very small impact on it. So you’ll a similar number of calories walking and running 🙂 Sad to hear about the knees! Swimming is good – but watch out for breastroke, it always used to kill my knees (although my knee pain is caused by the patella, rather than arthritis). Good luck x

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