The first time, ever I saw your face I fell in love. My heart burst with love and it took me by surprise. I always wondered how I would love another child as much as I loved your sister but it was instant, you took my breathe away when I saw you. The first few days of you entering you spent in NICU and it was so scary. It was awful to see you wired up to machines, but you thrived and when you were five days old you came home and you made our family complete. You settled into our daily routine as if you had always been there. ┬áNo-one was more excited to meet you than your big sister, G.IMG_5922I’m not sure why but because of your shaky start when you were born, I worry about you. The tiniest little things from settling into school to being ill makes me panic. Don’t get me wrong, I worry constantly about G too but you seem so fragile sometimes and your my baby, my youngest and sometimes I feel you need that little push more than G does.

You are such a happy, contented little boy. You have your quirky little ways which make me laugh on a daily basis. You surprise me daily with your learning. You still have your rather unhealthy obsession with trains which tend to take over the whole downstairs to cater for your many train tracks. You really are turning into a handsome, confident little boy and I could not be prouder.IMG_3475 2Today you are five. Five whole years. Five years I have been your mummy and I wouldn’t change those five years for anything. Happy Birthday baby boy!


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