Sugarlump and the Unicorn {What We’re Reading}


Christmas was a book invested haven for me. The children got lots of new additions to the book shelf including this little gem.

Those that know me, know I love books, and I really want my children to be just as enthusiastic about them as I am.

Sugarlump and the Unicorn is another brilliant story by the wonderful Julia Donaldson. She has yet again come up trumps and I fell in love with it instantly.


What adventures could a rocking horse

have, if only he was a real horse?


The book itself is bright and beautifully illustrated, which makes it a big hit. Glitter on every page makes it feel magical and both Moo and the little boy love it.

Its definitely one that is going to be read over and over.

If like me you have been reading and want to share then please pop by Lucy (dear beautiful) Kelle (Maggie Stone) and Carrie (Space for Butterflies) and see what they have been reading and link up there!

Space for the Butterflies: What We're Reading

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