Some Thing I Love #10

Golly, Ive been doing this linky for 10 weeks! and its really flown by! and its been great fun too! This week I have to admit has bee a pretty pants week for me, no internet for the best part and  its only just been reconnected! So here goes…

Something I read: Last night I went for my weekly physio and my kindle died on me! so I had to make do with the old magazines from the waiting room. I picked up an old copy (5 months old) of Grazia. Ive never read it before and I doubt I will be in a hurry to rush out and buy a copy, it was full of sponsors and adverts! it didn’t take me long to read flick through it..

Something I watched: I have not watched anything that has really jumped out at me that I can shout out about. I am really upset that the walking dead is now coming to its end of the season in a few weeks! Along with everyone else no doubt, last week I tuned into BBC’s Red Nose Day. I have too say, there was some entertaining comedy parts on their! Miranda Hart, Simon Cowell  Russall Brand, Ricky Gervais.. It was a good night of TV!

Something I wore: Wellies… again… if its not snowing, its raining! I want some warm weather!!

Something I cannot live without:  At the moment my crochet hooks! I am so into it, and I am well under way into my first project. The kiddo’s keep taking them though and using them as drumsticks!

Something I listened to: Driving to my crochet class this week, a song came on the radio twice!  now I think its just strange! Me and my sister used to dance around the room to this song when we were younger, blast it through the radio. I turned the volume up and sang along at the top of my lungs, and thought this is definitely going on my Something Love List… 

I am linking up with butwhymummywhy’s linky, if you want to join in read the rules here.

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  1. March 22, 2013 / 1:03 pm

    Faith- such a classic! I too remember dancing around like a loon to it! Thanks for joining in again – cant believe it’s been 10 weeks! Xxx

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