Some Things That I Love

I am doing my first linky! eeeekkkkk… I got this from another blogger… But Why Mummy Why? The aim of the game is as follows:

‘Some things that I love’ is a simple and easy to join in with link up. Here’s what you need to do..

Some thing I read: Either a book/blog/newspaper/magazine

Some thing I watched: Seen a good film? Watched something on TV? would you recommend it?

Some thing I wore: Well just that really…

Some thing I listened to: What am I listening to?

Some thing I cannot live without: Anything from coffee, to kids, to chocolate, to wine!

Just add a comment to the post with a link of your blog of your own “Some Things That I Love”  so here are mine for this week…

Something I read: Moo is obsessed with this book and the DVD that came with it! I read it most nights at the moment before bed to her and Thor…


Something I watched: Over Christmas I watched Miranda on BBC ONE for the first time and I have to say I do not know why I have never watched it before! I am unsure where I have been the last few years when its been on. Ive watched it religiously since Christmas now!

Some thing I wore: My new onsie… 😉

Some thing I listened to: I was in the car on Wednesday and was listening to the radio and heard Rihanna’s new song Stay, from her new album, Unapologetic. It was actually a rather lovely song! 

Some thing I cannot live without: Tea… Simple 🙂

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