Some Thing I Love #7

Some thing I read:  Instructions!! (In fact Ive read 2 lots this week!!) This week I made a doll with Moo and we also did some Aquabeads. I am not normally an in instructions kinda girl, I just go in full pelt and give it a go, but I thought better of it this time and didn’t want to ruin anything and get it wrong and distress her by messing it up! I would of been in the bad books otherwise!

Some thing I watched: The Big Reunion! It takes me back to the days when I sang into my hairbrush in my bedroom. big reunion

Some thing I wore: One of my favourite perfumes, Miss Dior.


Some thing I cannot live without: Yesterday I downloaded the Sky+ App! Where the hell have I been?! Its bloody great! I can turn the tv over using my phone! This morning, Moo was watching CBeebies and she was playing up so I said, I am turing your TV off, she promptly shut the cabinet so I couldn’t turn it over, unknown to her I could do it via my phone mwhahahaha…

Some thing I listened to: I watched The Brits this week and only because it was such a great performance and because Moo likes it so much and because since the performance I cant seem to get the damn song out my head! (I am ashamed to say it I quite like it myself – god help me!)



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