Some Thing I Love #6

Some thing I read: I have not picked up a book in weeks! but Ive still been reading to Moo and Thor and this was one of the bedtime books this week. I love Julia Donaldson!


Some thing I watched: This week due to Moo being of play school, because of me thinking she had chicken pox when she didn’t, I have had a lot of CBeebies on, and I mean a lot! They seem to be re-peating the Numberjacks at the moment which is going down well and she is constantly wanting to more off, and she is also in love with the programme Lets Play with Sid and Rebecca.


Some thing I wore: My hair is in desperate need of a cut, and its now long enough for me to tie back! so I wore a bobble for the first time in years! I hate wearing it up, I like to make an effort with my hair and next weekend I am going in for the chop, and I cannot wait!

Some thing I cannot live without: This week has been a funny week, I am still on the tablets for my back, but also I have had a rotten cold that the husband kindly shared, so Ive been sponsored by Cold & Flu tablets and lots of caffeine to get me through! 

Some thing I listened to: I didn’t purposely listen to this song, I like it a lot and yes its in my iTunes list.It was the last song that played on the radio in the car last night and as it was valentines day last yesterday, its probably why, I found myself humming it this morning, hence why I am adding it today.



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