Some Thing I Love #38

I am back this week sharing with you some things I have loved..

Something I read: 

Simply Crochet, I always feel rather silly buying this magazine, but its jammed packed with lots of ideas and new projects. Its out once a month and I have started to build up a collection of them!

Some thing I watched: 

I am raving about two programmes this week, the long awaited return of The Walking Dead and Homeland.


First up was the new series of The Walking Dead (FOX).. I cannot wait to see how this pans out. So much was left open in the last series and I am intrigued to know whats happened to certain members!


Images Tv Guide

Secondly I watched Homeland (C4) It was the 3rd episode of the new series and I have to admit, I am slightly lost.. There is lots going on, and I am wondering how its going to come together. I hope they don’t disappoint. The first two season were great and I really hope this matches up to them.

Some thing I wore:

Sunglasses! The sun has been so bright and glaring I have had to dig them back out!

Some thing I listened to: 

I am loving Babel by Mumford and Sons at the moment. I have spoken about them before on the Some Thing I Love link up, and I am listening to the album a lot at the moment.. This is just one of the songs

There is something about this particular album that I could listen to it over and over..

Some thing I cannot live without: 

Bedtime, Ive had a bad week with the little boy being ill, I actually cannot wait to get into bed at night. I am shattered and so pleased today is the start of half term!

I am linking up with the lovely butwhymummywhy’s  if you want to join in read the rules here.


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  1. October 25, 2013 / 10:05 am

    I feel the same about Homeland at the moment. I think they like to make you feel like that at the beginning and then things will start to get clearer… well I hope so at least!
    Adore that Mumford album and that song in particular, great choice. xxx

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