Some Thing I Love #34

Hello! Back again with some things I have been loving this week! Its been a really strange week for me. Moo is still in the transition period at school so is currently still doing half days, but that will change on Monday when she kicks in full time! Back to the original post though! Here are a few things I have loved this week.

Something I read: 

This week Moo came home with 2 books in her book bag to read at home and practise! I am so new to this homework lark and it actually scares me. They of course are very simple. 3 words per page, but we sat on the sofa and read them together. It was lovely to sit and cuddle after a day at school!

Some thing I watched: 

I managed to catch up on last weeks The Guilty (ITV) starring Katherine Kelly. Its a three-part drama which opens in 2008, when a four-year-old boy goes missing during a neighbourhood barbecue. Five years later his body is found buried near his own front door. I have to admit, watching programmes like this as a parent are rather frightening! But all the same the first episode was really good and I have lasts nights on the planner to watch.

Some thing I wore:

 This week has turned cold, very cold in fact, the sandals have been packed away and the Ugg boots have made an appearance. I feel a bit daft, but they kept my feet toasty whilst waiting in the school playground for Moo to enter the classroom.

Some thing I listened to: 

This week I actually listened to a radio! Its very rare. I normally hook up my phone to the car audio and listen to my iTunes playlist whilst driving or the husbands. I listened to a time turner thingy and they played a few songs that I absolutely loved when I was at school. One of them was this particular song. It was a huge hit as it was to a major Baz Lurman film which Leonardo DiCaprio was just starting to do more and more films and teenagers were starting to lust over him. This song reminds me of my science lessons, there was a girl in my class who was obsessed with Leonardo! It makes me want to dig out the film and watch it!

Some thing I cannot live without: 

The kettle! Ever since the weather has changed its been non-stop boiling, I have drank so much tea/hot chocolate to keep me warm! I refuse to put the heating on mid september! Is anyone else feeling the chill?

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