Some Thing I love #33

This week has been an emotional week. I said goodbye to my baby girl and hello too a little girl. She has grown before my eyes and started school. She has amazed me at how well she has adjusted to it and has on several occasions said she loves it. So here are a few things I have been loving this week.

Something I read: With Moo starting school, she returned on her first day with 4 news letters, a yearly dates calendar, which I am going to have to put onto my home calendar so I do not forget dates… Its a whole new world for me! And already a donation form! A fair amount to read I would say!

Some thing I watched: Moo has now got into Disney so watching that throughout the summer, Doc McStuffin and Sofia the First has had me going slightly crazy, but it is better than some of the programmes she used to watch!

I on the other hand have been watching lots! Great British Bake off, Britain and Irelands Next Top Model. I have also taped the new ITV drama The Guilty, this looks like my kind of drama, I am looking forward to watching it once the Kiddo are in bed.

Some thing I wore: I love perfume, I am addicted to the stuff. I enjoy birthdays and christmas’s as its where I get to receive new bottles. This is one I received this year. I love it, smells gorgeous!


Some thing I listened to: This artist popped up on Spotify again this week! I do love spotify, I have found some great artist/bands I would never have thought I would of liked. Lissie’s version of Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way is just beautiful.

Some thing I cannot live without: Weekends. Now with Moo at school (although she has only been going part time this week) I am now know that when she is full time, the weekends are going to be something we look forward to the most as a family. I actually cannot wait for this weekend! I have missed Moo so much this week!

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