Some Thing I Love #32

The last week of the summer holidays! its been a week of prep! Prepping for school making sure Moo has everything ready. A cinema trip thrown in for good measures and some quality family time spent before the husband starts his winter shifts at work. Here is what I have been loving this week.

Something I read: With Moo starting school next Tuesday I have repeatedly read the school pack, making sure I have everything. Correct school uniform, P.E kit, water bottles, pack lunch box, the list is endless! I have re-read and re-read the list so many times, I will be shocked if I have forgotten anything!

Some thing I watched: This is the first time I have ever watched the run of The Great British Bake Off (BBC2) I am not entirely sure where I have been the last few years when its been aired. I am hooked already. Ive yet to watch the “Bread” episode, but I am sure to love this programme.

I also watched the last Americans (ITV) This was such a great programme. I spoke about it before and I loved it. It actually got so much better. The final episode had me on the edge if my seat and my heart racing. I am hoping ITV pick the second season up.

Some thing I wore: The past few months we have had some gorgeous weather, my feet have not seen a sock for months! Last weekend Essex saw the worst weather in years, and we had severe flooding. Not only did I sport the “drowned rat” look, I also had to warm my toes up with a pair of fluffy socks! They were so cold from the soaking they got from the rain.

Luckily we got home in time for the worst of it, some areas were hit terribly!

Some thing I listened to: Searching Spotify for a song the other day, it asked me if I had heard of “A Fine Frenzy” No I had not.. I played the album an instantly liked.. Someone that could quite happily live in my iTunes library.

Some thing I cannot live without: Willpower! This week has seen me stitch my way through half a granny square blanket! I have pushed myself to complete the “lap blanket” I need to complete another one to make it into a full size blanket. I needed the willpower this week to do it. I still need the willpower to complete the rest, its going to take me a while, but I really want it done before winter arrives!

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