Some Thing I love #3

Some thing I read: I fall hook line and sinker EVERY week for the trashy magazines, I don’t know why I do it, but I do, I guess its a guilty pleasure! So this week I read OK!

Some thing I watched: Ever since the CBeebies christmas panto Moo has wanted to watch it on repeat! Its getting on my nerves a bit now as its not christmas anymore and I actually now know it word for word!

Some thing I wore: My Cuddle Cowl to keep me warm in the cold weather!


Some thing I cannot live without: The cold weather has really played havoc with my hands, and I have struggled this year to find a hand cream that helps, but I have managed to find one finally! Garnier Hand Intensive 7 days Hand Cream SOS Repair, Its FAB! 1359049411

Some thing I listened to: It one of those songs that you hear once and you think, its just a beautiful song, but when you find out who sings it your so embarrassed you like it its something your teen daughter would be asking to go and and see! (not that I have a teenager yet!) But I really do like this song! not so much the band…..

So What are your Some Thing I love? Please comment in the comment box with a link to your blog with you Somethings I Love post, I would love to know!

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