Some Thing I Love #28

Woah! #28 It only seems like yesterday I found the lovely butwhymummywhy’s link up for Some Thing I Love. Ive been really loving it as the weeks go by and I really love reading what others have been loving to! So this is what I have been loving this week.

Something I read: Moo has been really bad at the moment with her moods and stroppy-ness, so I have been trying to find information about how the best way to deal with it is. At the moment, I have not found the right book or leaflet just yet, it all seems to repeat it self and I find that I have done it. Whats worse is it seems to be rubbing of on Thor so  need to nip it in the bud quickly!

Some thing I watched: When Once Upon A Time (Channel 5) returned I was so excited, I loved season 1 and couldn’t wait for the second season to start. I have to admit it did start a bit slowly and a few people I have spoken to have given up on it but they really should have stuck with it as I think its got so much better and the twist in it, is just excellent!

Whist in the Once Upon A Time theme, I was on Digital spy and came across this video and I have to admit, I am no fan of Alice in wonderland, but this does look pretty good, and its going to cross over too with the original series! One to watch out for I think.

Some thing I wore: It been so hot lately (yes I am complaining slightly) So I was oh so relieved when it rained! There was a breeze in the air, I was not constantly sweating (not a good look) and I was actually in trousers! I actually prefer to wear shorts – you can’t win with me can you! I was still in a little vest top but the legs were covered and my feet were in my Toms..

Some thing I listened to: This is the song I walked down the aisle to, I love it, I could listen to it all day long.

Some thing I cannot live without: Specs! I went to the opticians last week as I actually realised I could not see with my glasses on! My eye sight have got worse and Ive had to get some shiny new glasses, I definitely would not be able to live without specs!!

I am linking up with the lovely butwhymummywhy’s linky, if you want to join in read the rules here.

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