Some Thing I Love #27

This week saw me take Moo to her last ever day at play school! It didn’t really effect her, I was rather upset by it all, and I have six weeks to prepare myself that she will be starting full time education in september. Here are some things I have been loving this week..

Something I read: I was given Moo’s journey pack from play-school with all her work in and all her key workers notes in, and I have managed to read it from front to back this week. I have cried over it! In it are such simple things like “Moo says her favourite colour is Pink” or ” We asked Moo if she had any pets and she replied she had a cat called Lily” there are other bits in there and some are just the sweetest things about family and drawings and it really pulled at my heart strings. Then there are all the in depth things about her key sills and development stages which is also really interesting to read.

Some thing I watched: I was not going to post about it but I thought I would use this as my excuse! This week Ive been hooked on the News (BBC, ITV). Ever since Catherine went into labour the whole world waited eagerly for news of the arrival of the royal baby and when the prince finally arrived, everybody the eagerly awaited the first glimpse of the royal baby. I am not someone that follows the royals, but when something like this happens I like to get involved. Its exciting. I do think now we should leave them alone to be parents and let them be. I do love this picture though..


Some thing I wore: New Perfume, I love the smell, really fresh and it stays on all day..


Some thing I listened to: I am in love with this song, Ive non-stopped played it. When I like a song, I become a bit obsessed with it and unfortunately this song is one of those!

Some thing I cannot live without: My electric fan.. The sun rises in my kitchen and sets in my lounge and as its a through kitchen/lounge its so hot in my flat all day. The fan is my life saver at the moment!

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