Some Thing I love #26

Another week over with, its been a quick week, and a sad week! Moo finished play school and shall never return! I am so sad about this, my little girl is growing up so fast!….

Here are some of the things I have loved this week

Something I read: This week I bought the new monthly edition of Mollie Makes. I am determined once I finish my blanket (yes its still work in progress) to make something from these magazines, I am loving this at the moment (and Simply Crochet!)

Some thing I watched: I have watched a few things this week, one being the final of The Apprentice, which I have to say was rather pleased with the outcome. Secondly I watched C4’s Run, Olivia Colman and Katie Leung star in a compelling four-part drama that weaves together the stories of four seemingly unconnected people. I have yet to watch the final episode, but I have to say,its been a good watch.

Some thing I wore: This week I have been applying the savlon, lots, Last week, I got permantly inked, (last 30th birthday present) so Ive been wearing lots of savlon for a quick heal! Ive also been wearing my new Maybelline nail varnish which I am in love with at the moment!


Some thing I listened to: The husband purchased some music from iTunes and he has been playing it constantly at the moment, its all reggae summer music and it takes me back a fair few years!

Some thing I cannot live without: The hose pipe and the paddling pool… Its a god send in this weather, and both children are loving it at the moment!

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