Some Thing I love #24

This week has seen us on holiday so although I had posts lined up, Ive not been around! Im am late this week with the Some Thing I love linky as we got back Thursday late and then Friday was my birthday and as it was a rather big number (30!!) we made a weekend of it! but this is what I was loving last week (sorry its rather pants this week!)

Something I read: This week Ive  relied on my phone for things like twitter and Facebook to keep me up-to date with whats going on in the world! We were quite isolated and although it was nice not to constantly be on the computer checking up on things I missed it! Its funny how far we have come and how much social media now plays a big part in our lives! I also had the Bloglovin app on my phone so I could read all my favourite blogs on the go which is a god send!

Some thing I watched: Ive had no TV this week! *shock face* Ive sat through 5 nights of childrens entertainment, dance parties and bingo nights. Its actually been really nice not to watch TV but now I am back home I cant wait to catch up on all whats on my sky box.

Some thing I wore: Every night last week I tucked myself and Moo down into our sleeping bags, we didn’t technically wear them but we were in them for 10 hours! as well as the sleeping bag I wore lots of layers in bed, as we were in a tent it still got a bit nippy of a night so socks and jumpers were a must!

Some thing I listened to: I am not keen on the video AT.ALL (this is the clean version!) but I love the song, and its being played all the time where ever I go at the moment! Oh and it has Pharrel Williams in it so you cant go wrong..

Some thing I cannot live without: My washing machine! Ive never seen so much washing! and thankfully the we have had a heatwave over the weekend otherwise we would never have got it dry! I never thought I would say that I would of loved my washing machine….

I am linking up with the lovely butwhymummywhy’s linky, if you want to join in read the rules here.

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