Some Thing I Love #22

It been a busy week this week! The boys birthday, Moo’s induction to big school. It seems to have flown by, like most of the weeks do these days! But Ive been loving a few things this week and here they are..

Something I read: Moo had her induction at big school this week and I was overloaded with papers of codes of conduct, and uniform lists, and timetables! It feels so surreal that the 3 hours that I go with-out Moo a day will now turn into 6!! Ive managed to read my way through the pile of papers and consent forms!

Some thing I watched: As well as the usual that I go on about every week, I also started to watch Big Brother, not to some people’s tastes, and since the switch over to channel 5 I have not been a huge fan but this year I have  shamelessly been hooked!

Some thing I wore: Last week while doing a walk round the supermarket I noticed a discount on the nail polishes and since I am trying my hardest in not biting my nails (terrible habit I know) I purchased a few bottles, this week, I wore Electric Yellow, not normally a colour I would go for but its something different and I rather like it!

Some thing I listened to: Ive chosen this song because of the sense of summer/folk feel, I really like it and I can imagine myself in the garden (if I had one) sipping on a glass of cold white (if I liked it) listening to this on my Robert’s radio (if I owned one)

Some thing I cannot live without: This week has been a caffeine fix week, for some reason Ive been so tired, due to some late nights I think, and Ive been drinking far too much caffeine to get me through the day! and dunking far to many biscuits to accompany it!

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