Some Thing I Love #18

Hello!! Another week done! Ive been rather quiet, as the husband has been off and we have been busy doing family things (updates coming soon!) but I cannot miss out on my favourite linky! So here goes..

Something I read: I finally finished a book!! Its only taken me a few months to read it, Ive yet to start something else, but, hopefully next week I will be knee deep in another novel!

Some thing I watched: Ive been watching a lot of TV this week, Ive continued with Banshee (Sky) I have also been watching Scott and Bailey (ITV) I have yet to watch the final episode of this series which is on my Sky box. One thing that really stood out was the final episode of Season 9’s Greys Anatomy! Oh I am so sad its over..

Some thing I wore: My lovely new Converse..


Some thing I listened to: Ive listened to quiet a bit this week, mostly the radio, as we travelled to Windsor and had a few traffic jam problems! A few favourites were played and a few timeless classics, but this has to be one of my favourites that I have heard this week!

Some thing I cannot live without: This week the husband has been off work and I have loved the morning cuddles we have had as a family, every morning this week both Moo and Thor have piled into bed with us and we have had the best cuddles! Why can’t every day be like that? Boo to work…

I am linking up with the lovely butwhymummywhy’s linky, if you want to join in read the rules here.

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  1. May 26, 2013 / 7:39 pm

    Oh wow, Greys this week was an emotional rollercoaster. I don’t think it’s been the best season, but that episode was pretty spectacular. And yes, I may have cried when I thought Jackson was in that explosion.. *cough*
    Love, love your converse. I am in real need of a new pair as my white ones are starting to fall apart! :-/
    Thanks for joining in again xx

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