So…. How Was It?

Ours was great! minus a few hiccups along the way! but we are finally able to sit and relax today! Christmas Eve was a nice relaxing day, sort of. We forgot a few bits on our shopping so the husband had to pop out in the morning and pick those up. I mooched around and had a relaxing bath in the afternoon and then at 4 my friend came over for dinner as he was not doing anything, he came armed with his IPad mini and we payed games when the kids went to bed. It was a great night and the husband whipped our arses at monopoly, considering he had not played in years! Christmas Day we woke up at 7.30am (we had to wake Moo and Thor!!) and spent the morning opening presents, Moo was so excited.. Thor was over whelmed by everything and was just interested in the car he had been given! it took a while to get through it all and by the time we were all washed dressed and ready to leave to go to the grand parents it was 11am. We had dinner which was lovely, over filled our bellies and waited for the rest of the family to arrive. We had yet even more presents to open and then finally we could sit and relax, drink and let the children play! which the did. unfortunately it wouldn’t be christmas without someone being ill and one of the cousins came over sick and and had to make an abrupt exit which was upsetting as all the children we playing so nicely and he was so upset he had to go. We were staying the night so after a late-ish tea we got the kids ready for bed and they played for a while longer and then we said our goodbyes to the rest of the family (who happen to live just a few roads away so were walking back!) and put the kids to bed. It took Moo a while to settle off, but Thor went straight away, We left Moo to sing away about Christmas Day other made up songs she was singing! eventually she went off to the land of sleep and we were able to watch the royal family in peace! Boxing day we went to my mums for yet more presents and food! Both Moo and Thor were spoilt rotten! We spent yesterday trying to find space for all the new toys and today it continues! 


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