Snug As A Bug…

My favourite saying.. I say it to Moo Moo when she is in bed, and she will always say it back,

“Im snug as a bug mummy”

Poor Thor, He has been in his big boy bed now since September, and as he was still rather small for it we didn’t give him a duvet, we just covered him with blankets. The husband and I made the decision to buy Thor a duvet at the weekend as the temperature had really dropped and Thor just kept kicking the blankets of. He was still in his grow bags but he was still cold! We tucked both Moo and Thor in saturday night and they both looked “snug as a bug” I had to keep going in too Moo through the night as she was not well, and I kept checking Thor too and he was loving his new duvet! he was snuggled underneath and looked lovely and toasty, snoring away. Now I will I have to teach Thor the saying “Im snug as a bug!”



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  1. December 10, 2012 / 2:09 pm

    my mum always used that saying and i have used it with beth who is 11. i have been saying it to Joshua for a while (20 months) and i have to say he now says ‘snug ug’ at bed time ..

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