Scaredy Cat…

Moo has become so scared lately! Last year we went through a phase of her being scared of the dark and it ended up with her paying us nightly visits into our bed. We soon put a stop to it after a few months when we could not put up with it any longer and realised it was “company” she wanted, so we put Thor in her bedroom… All was good again in the B household! The last few weeks she has gone on about monsters and this is what prompted it last time. She constantly has to have the hallway light on during the day as she thinks someone is in there, and she is petrified of going out there on her own. Of a night she has now asked to have her door left open and the toilet light left on but we have tried not to give into the demands of this as Thor is not used to sleeping with lights and she also has a night light right by her bed. Its hard seeing her scared but if you say yes to one thing it starts to become another thing… No? Monday morning she claimed she didn’t sleep as she was so sacred! I doubt very much she was awake ALL night, but she is adamant she was! I have only just got used to sleeping through the night again and the dreaded wake up calls of high pitch screams at 1am send shivers down my spine! Thor on the other hand sleeps through the whole thing and does not even stir! Im hoping its another phase and it will soon pass…..


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