Preparations Are Slowly Starting To Come Together…

Even though I am still feeling rather scrooge like, it is still only the 7th of December remember! AND there is still 18 days till Christmas, and in my eyes thats still a long way away! Tomorrow we have the tree going up, we need to go and buy said tree from the garden centre. Maybe it will feel more christmassy then? I bought some great decorations a few years back but they are rather heavy and made of glass and with a toddler its not a good idea, so we need to be more practical. The husband is the one who wants the tree up extra early this year so we wont be able get away with heavy the baubles on the tree as it will make it look droopy and saggy, so we decided to buy some new ones we also need to stock up on a few christmassy candles. I need to make a christmas card list, both for me and then Moo Moo’s play school friends, maybe once all this has been done I can get the scented christmas candles out and then maybe, just maybe, it may start to feel and look a bit like christmas?


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