One Day #2

One day…

Last week saw us on our family holiday and although I could pick any day out of that week I’ve chosen the day that stood out as a great day for all of us.

It was the best day by far weather wise reaching 25 degrees and although there was a breeze in the air it was a glorious day. We spent the afternoon soaking up the sun on the beach! Its not something we do very often! In the morning we had our breakfast and enjoyed some time at the onsite fair. Moo clocked on pretty quickly where the rides were and was fascinated with them straight away! We apent some time on the rides and then soon left to prepare for lunch.

We popped out for some supplies and then made our way our way through the sand dunes to the beach where we had lunch and spent the afternoon building sand castles and looking for starfish. Moo managed to find crab shells, cray fish shell and hundreds of star fish! we paddled in the sea and lounged on the sand. We ate Ice-cream till our bellies were full.

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The sun began to set and it was time to say goodbye, we packed away our things and brushed the sand from our toes and made our way back through the sand dunes.

This One Day stands out the most for me, its the day we relaxed as a family, as one, had fun and let the world around us go on as it should. Its days like this I will cherish, and its days like this I wish I could stop time..

So what one day has stood out for you recently? I would love to know! Link up below..

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