Once You’ve Learned The Basics….

So I have given crochet a go! I have to be honest I have not put my all into though, I am waiting patiently for santa. I have asked for a book from my mum to help me along the way so I really want to hold back till then. The only recourses I have had at the moment are Youtube and the “how to” in the lovely book I won. There were so many video’s on YouTube I was slightly baffled!

I tried it one afternoon whilst Thor slept and Moo Moo was watching Disney’s Tangled (So she wouldn’t pester me!) Its a bit tricky trying to get the holding of the crochet hooks but I think once you’ve got it and done it a few times it will settle in. I managed to crochet “something” it didn’t look to good but I did it! so that counts! unfortunately it does not qualify for photo’s as it was really quite bad and would get a few laughs!

I have longingly looked at the book and I really hope I get good enough to make some bits from there.. they have some lovely leg warmers and gloves, also they have a beautiful rainbow blanket but that I think  that has to be when you an expert!


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