my sunday favourites | week twelve

I cannot believe another week is done and I am again looking back over it and picking out some of my favourite parts. Its been a full and busy week for us here. The weekend has yet again gone far too quickly and I am finding myself preparing for the week ahead. But before all of that, here are a few favourites of mine this week.

One || Birthday Cake

Every year since having children I have started a tradition where I must make a birthday cake. I am not a fan if shop bought cakes. I love baking, so its only natural I make one. Gracie and Henry always decide what they want, what style and flavour. This year was simple. Gracie’s simple request of chocolate cake with strawberries on top. Went down a treat! One of the easiest cakes I have had to make!

Two || Ten

My gorgeous girl was ten this week. I blogged about it here. We had a really lovely day. We woke up early so she could unwrap her presents before school. Had chocolate cake for breakfast and then later on once school was over with we took 2 of Gracie’s friends out shopping and for a bite to eat. It went far too quickly and before I knew it I was tucking in a very tired 10 year old to bed. I still now can’t quite believe I am a parent to a ten year old! I mean how has that happened?!?!

Three || Freshly Plastered Walls

If you have read my blog for a while, you will know that we have been redecorating the house. We finally pinned down the plasterer. We have now managed to plaster the hole house top to bottom. Its been a long time coming. The kitchen already looks so different now the red artex walls have been banished to a lovely smooth finish. It also feels so much more airy and spacious in the hallway. The artex was floor to ceiling and it was just horrible. I’m so pleased its now all gone. I am also really really pleased that we now have finished with labourers coming into the house! Yippee!!

Four || Roast Dinners

Sundays wouldn’t be Sundays without a roast dinner. I’ll admit, its one of the worst meals I cook. I’m not a fan of the preparation, the cooking time and then the cleaning up. I tend to wait till we go to the in-laws. I take full advantage of it then. This week we had roast beef and its one of my favourites. I much prefer when a roast is cooked for me, nine times out of ten if I cook it I never end up eating it!

Five || Colder Mornings

Oh, I am loving the colder, chillier mornings. This week we had a very light frost. I heard someone scraping the ice of their car one morning! One of my favourite things is walking in from the cold after the school drop off to a warm house. I’ve bought myself a new wooly hat, considering the dog chewed mine last month! The coat has made an appearance and the gloves have come out in full force. Give it a few weeks, colder mornings may not be a favourite anymore but for now, I am enjoying, wrapping up and feeling the chill.

What have been your favourites this week?


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