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Now we have a house, I am always looking at ways to expand. At the moment the size of our house is ideal, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. We have the opportunity to expand up into the loft if we ever wanted to. A loft conversion is my dream, but a long way off.

Pinterest is my all time favourite place to be for any kind of home decor inspiration and I am always looking for new ideas. I have so many wishes floating around on my boards. My ideal loft space would be a gorgeous master bedroom with en-suite.  I like the idea of a hotel boutique style bedroom, light and airy, and a luxury bathroom to go with it. To get that, VELUX windows would be the go-to window installer.

VELUX have a huge range of blinds to fit their windows that come in array of styles, colours and designs. You are definitely spoilt for choice with a huge range to choose from.



I have an image in my head of how I would love my loft space to look like {if we ever got it done of course} I want it to be somewhere where I can relax, forget about the stress of the day and feel content, VELUX will definitely give me the light airy feel I am after. With its vast windows in all shapes and sizes and blinds that fit perfectly to get the feel you want, roof blinds have lots of different styles that will suit anyones needs. I am a big fan of the black out blinds.

What would be your dream room in your house to decorate?




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