Must-Haves {The Solillas Edition}

I have not done a My Top Seven post for ages, months, maybe even a year! I decided I actually really liked posting them, so I am back, I won’t be calling them “My Top Seven” though, just simply “Must-Haves”

Last year, I found these great shoes {thanks to instagram and the very lovely Katrina over at Cool Bananas. They have been a firm favourite since purchasing and I already have my eye on a few more pairs {here are just a few!} My favourite out of this bunch are the blue, leopard and tan.. 

Must-Haves {The Solillas Edition}
Solillas Classic Sandal // Solillas Leopard-print leather // Solillas Sandal // Solillas Classic Sandal // Solillas Tan leather // Solillas Classic Sandal // Solillas Sandal

**to view retailers, just click on the image**


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