Must-Haves {The Dungaree Edition}

Who doesn’t love a pair of dungarees? I remember way back in my early 20’s I had a pair and they were the height of fashion.. They were my favourite piece of clothing and the most comfiest things I have ever worn. I am so eager to try another pair and hopefully pull them off 10 years later {cough cough} I think I need to loose a few pounds {and not the purse string pounds!} before I contemplate on squeezing myself into a pair.. Until then I will lust over them from afar…
Must-Haves {The Dungaree's Edition}
Navy Ripped Knee Denim // Blue Ripped Full Length // Current/Elliott The Carpenter Overall
Band of Outsiders Two-tone linen // Frame Denim Le Garcon distressed stretch-denim
TOPSHOP MOTO Black Denim // Madewell Distressed stretch-denim skinny

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