Today I battled the shops and did my weekly shop! NEVER.AGAIN shall I do it the day before Christmas Eve! Saying this, it was not overly bad, I had the children with me which was fairly stressful, its just other people that made the experience hell on earth! What is it about Christmas that brings the worst out in people? They hog the cheese aisle, spend ages mulling over the fruit and veg having a long drawn out conversation with there deaf husband while your waiting there patiently behind them for them to move out the way, when really deep down you want to grab by the scruff of the neck and physically move them out the way! Then it was the battle of the checkouts! the queues were down the aisle… 2 and a half hours later we were home with several items forgotten… so another trip out tomorrow for the husband!

Might I add… I got to this supermarket at 9am for browsing thinking i would get ahead of everyone else… The joke was obviously on me…. everyone decided they would do this this morning! it was mayhem! 


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