Love The Little Things #13

Here are a fe things I have been loving this week!


I am still {yes still} trying to finsih the Hunger Games! Its so frustrating that I only manage a couple of pages at a time!


I watched Catching Fire last weekend, as much as I loved the first film, I was hugely disappointed with it. Both the husband and I gaped at each other when it ended, slightly quick I was expecting another 15 minutes!

I also started watching Line Of Duty {Morgana’s at butwhymummywhy? recommendation} and It is really good.. I am fast approaching the end of season one.

I also tuned into ITV’s new drama The Widower. Its based on a true story and its been put together really well.


I have heard this ALOT the past few weeks, and I am not really a Blunt fan I really like this song..


I pre-empted the sun last week and wore sandals but this week its been cold!! {I tempted fate!} I have been stuck in my converse or my pumps {I am tempted to get the UGGS back out!!}


I made a disaster dinner this week! My sister gave me the idea of buying ready made mash for the top of the shepherds pie I was making. I was really looking forward to not have to peel potatoes {worst job ever!!} I made the mince filling and dolloped on the mash, only for it to sink to the bottom of the pie!! It was a huge mess, and I know I will be sticking to peeling spuds from now on!!

‘And lastly..’

I am so stressed about moving.. It is such an exciting time but yet so tiring.. {I am going to bang on about this for weeks to come now, you know it don’t you?}

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