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This week I had my second plastic surgery appointment post operation and I really was not looking forward to. I had so many questions floating around my head and was worried I would get verbal diarrhoea when speaking to the consultant!

Its been a long painful six months since my operation and I still have a whole bunch of emotions I go through. I still feel quite resentful that someone who doesn’t really sit in the sun, never used a sun-bed, never really been a sun worshipper, still managed to get skin cancer. I Still find it really frustrating and I do get myself into a grumpy mood about it. I get really cross when I read about people using sun-beds, its entirely up to them what they do but hearing so many stories of cases of skin cancer because people started using sunbeams at the age of 13 really upsets me and makes me really angry.

Since my operation I have been on mole watch and i have to be careful. I actually had a scare last month, finding a mole which had appeared best to one of my scars. I called up my nurse and she got me in the following day to see the consultant. I actually felt like a complete fraud as I couldn’t find the mole that I thought had appeared. I find it really stressful, and any new mark or blemish sends my mind into overtime. Luckily I didn’t make it up and the consultant could see what I was talking about but he thinks it is just pigment changes so he sent me away feeling a lot better and he told me off for feeling guilty about taking up his time, thats what I am here for he said.

So this week I was worked up and heading off to another appointment yet again. I actually don’t mind the appointment, its the waiting and the NHS are under so much strain at the moment it puts pressure on everyone. The plastics clinic is normally really good with their timings and with just over a 5 minute wait we were seen by a lovely consultant who works along side mine.

Since the operation I have suffered terrible pain in me neck. Shooting, stabbing and general aching. I have had the feeling that it was tight and the sensation of pulling was quite uncomfortable. Mr B would tend to forget and cuddle me and it would mostly end in tears as he would knock it. The redness has gone down a lot and its just pink now. I didn’t actually think it would ever get to that stage. The “dog ears” as the plastic surgeons call it have decreased considerably and they do not protrude out as far as they did. {dog ears, if you don’t know are what they call the end of the scar which are tied. It leaves a horrible looking bump!} I always worry about seeing consultants or doctors as they always pull a funny face in horror when they see my scar, but thankfully it didn’t happen this time and the consultant was really lovely.

The pain is being caused by nerve damage which happened whilst having the operation. Its common in people that have face lifts {made me feel heaps better!!} As the scar is basically where a face lift would happen it was inevitable that it could happen, I just wish I was told and warned about it beforehand if I am honest. I am being referred to have some electrode therapy and I have to massage it daily to get the nerves back to how they were. Other than that the consultant was really happy and so am I. I was worried I would have to have a skin graph but it isn’t tight like I thought, its just extra painful.

My next appointment is in June with the Cancer doctors and then I am back seeing the plastic surgeons in October. Its nice to have a break in between, but all these hospital visits are taking its toll.


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