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I’ve decided to write about my 3 monthly health checks with the hospital. Mainly so I can remember the journey in years to come, so I can look back and say I did it.

Last week I had my first official appointment with the cancer doctors. I actually didn’t think I was that bothered about it but Mr B noticed a change in mood a few days before and told me several times I needed to calm down.

I knew I was fine as I had been told a few months previously but there is nothing stopping ┬áthe cancer coming back and it’s scary to think it will.

This appointment was a big one. It was the one they checked every single mole and looked at any that looked a bit suspicious, they also checked all my glands and felt to see if my lymph nodes were out of the ordinary. I had a few moles that were bothering me and wanted a closer check on too. Thankfully all went well and nothing stood out.

He had a quick look over my scar and this was the big that threw me a little. Whenever someone looks at it they all react in the same way. Now I’m pretty self conscious about it as it’s pretty big and still quite angry and red, so when people pull a horrified look and suck the air through their teeth is really doesn’t feel me with confidence. And it’s exactly what the consultant did. I know that it’s not the nicest looking scar but there is a way of being discreet about letting patients know. Luckily my plastic surgeon is on the ball and hopefully I will be having a little more work done on it. I wish I could say it was for vanity but it isn’t, they whole area is still very tight and I can’t move my neck to much without pulling the skin around the area.

I go back in 3 months to see the plastic surgeon so hopefully I will have more of an idea about what’s going on regarding healing. But so far health wise it all looks good.


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