Let It Snow.. Let It Snow.. Let It Snow…

So Christmas is fast approaching and now the snow has finally hit us! I actually LOVE the snow. I love the look of just settled snow, I love to be the first one out there to mess it up (yes I am the biggest kid in town) and I am also the first one out there making the snow balls. Last year we declared war at the in laws and had a huge snow ball fight in the back garden with the children, nieces and nephews and it was such a blast! the adults had more fun I think! The downside to the snow is

1.Driving in it

2.walking in it (I have a tendency to fall over a lot in it) after its been there a few days of course!

3. I hate the slush, its yuk! it looks awful, and can last for weeks!

4. Ice – My car park turns into an ice-rink when it snows, so I tend to stay in and not drive anywhere which makes me go stir crazy as there is nowhere within walking distance I can go or take the children, infact the whole estate is a nightmare to get in and out of when it snows!

Its looking rather pretty at the moment and Moo Moo is really excited about getting out there. Thor saw it and was excited too, his face was a picture! this his his real first encounter as last year he was still only  a baby, at 6 months so he is more aware this year! he was pointing to the sky and looked all inquisitive! The play school run is going to be fun!




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