Its The Little Things In Life…

It most certainly is the little things in life that keep Moo happy… And they are strange! most children like Disney films, I wish to god Moo would sit through a Disney film, but Moo likes to watch old films of when she was a baby on repeat,which was nice the first time but when I have watched it for the 100th time its got a bit much and now its not special to watch. We have 3 disc, Mine and the husbands wedding,¬†one with the first few years of Moo’s life, and our first family holiday as a four, and she could watch these on repeat all day! I do say No, but then it continues with a meltdown so I end up giving in. But she will sit there for the 3 hours they will be playing and watch them intently! The one thing I hate is the sound of myself on camera, its awful! I sound so common and the husband always has to add in some stupid joke here and there, and I wonder to myself why on earth did you say that?


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