It's All About The Patch!

Last year I wrote about how Moo was going to have to wear glasses. Now I honestly thought that she would be awful with them! But to my surprise she has taken to them really well and the first thing she does of a morning is makes sure she has them on. I think it helps that I have to wear them full time too, so it was the norm for her.

We have had several appointments and every time we have had to get a stronger prescription. Its such a worry when you know there is nothing you can actually do and just rely on a bit of glass to help them!

This week we were back at the hospital for a check-up and although she is doing really well, her right eye is considerably worse. Watching Moo struggle to see the letters was pretty awful. I was willing her to get it right but she just couldn’t. I knew what was going to happen but I just couldn’t bring myself to accept it.

The result of this check-up was the dreaded eye patch. There I was thinking it would be some huge black thing across the eye! But to my surprise it was a box full of brightly coloured patches. When Moo was told she smiled at first and nodded along, but when it came to reality of having to wear one for 2 hours a day it was a bit of a shock and she wasn’t entirely happy about it!

I decided that I would do it the afternoon of getting them and so, with a brightly pink patch in hand and Frozen on the TV she sat there with it on. It was a long 2 hours and was a bit of a struggle towards the end, but she did it and she coped pretty well! I am not sure how it will be from no on in, but I no in the long run it will help her considerably!

Motherhood is such a worry and its little things like this that pop up that I really do not like. But Its doing the job and helping my little Moo, and I cannot complain about that now can I?

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  • Ah yes, you must be worried. Bless her. I’m so pleased that they are so colourful and kid friendly now. I know 3 children who’ve had to wear these and their parents have seen a mega improvement so fingers crossed for the same for Moo. xx

  • Oh, this does sound tough, but sounds as though she’s doing well with it. My eyesight is awful, and I’m hoping I don’t pass it on to my kids, but time will tell, I guess. Hardly the worse thing, though, as I manage! Hope you see improvements soon x

  • Wow you couldn’t have written a more fitting post for me this week if you were told Anna-Marie because as I sit here and read this with tears I have just been through this with Buba yesterday. So it’s fresh and scary and I don’t know how to feel about it. We noticed he was going a little cross eyed while he ate and in pictures so had his eyes checked just in the space of three months it’s gotten worse and worse. I was the same willing him to figure out the letters. trying to say them telepathically for him. The patch and the glasses are on our list. yesterday he was fitted for his glasses in which it took two hours for them to put them on so they could measure and he SCREAMED uncontrollably. How am I supposed to get my 2 year old to wear glasses all the sudden all the time when no one around us has them. He wouldn’t even wear fun sunglasses on holiday. I am so nervous and stressed out. He always is my very own bubble boy with allergies, skin problems, asthma it’s just another thing to be different and teased about and I am so worried starting school next year how it all will go. I am so confused and emotional about it. How did you get her to wear them at first? How did you cope with it all? Or am I being silly? Thanks for linking up Share With Me. #sharewithme

    • No your not silly at all, you have the same questions I did! I think Moo coped better because I wear them so it was an easier transition for her. The patch is a whole new thing I am am fighting with her every day to wear it, but she does {I get continuous questions as to when it can come off, and I find it frustrating and loose my temper}

      Its so different now days,there are 3 children in Moo’s class that wear glasses and its not like it used to be. When I was younger people were just mean to other children that wore them. But I think its so common now for adults/children to wear them. She took to it really well and I have had no problems with her wearing the glasses, but the patch is a bit different! They are good though, just a paster over your eye basically, I will DM you a picture if you like? Different colours and designs. I really understand what you are going through and yes I cried lots when I found out about the glasses and the patch this week, but I know its helping her. Can you get your self some fake ones? and wear them around the house to encourage him to wear them? Its so so difficult when they do not understand and its hard on us as we know its going to help but they just do not get it at all!

      • Ahh thanks hunny for messaging me all this. I feel a little better. Still worried and upset but I know it will help in the long run and yes you are so right times have changed. It’s just something new to get used to right? haha Glad it went so well with you. Buba is struggling to even let us put them on to fit them lit a lone wear them. He kicks screams runs hides and cries his eyes out so I cry. Never ending battle.

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